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UBC Rose Garden The Sixth Congress of the International Society for Theoretical Chemical Physics (ISTCP-VI) will be held on July 1924, 2008 at the beautiful campus of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. Held every three years, ISTCP Congresses continue the tradition of showcasing the achievement and advances of all areas of theoretical chemical physics, with special emphasis on the interaction between experimental and theoretical physical chemistry, chemical physics, materials and life sciences. The scope of ISTCP-VI will cover a broad range of topics that include Statistical Mechanics, Quantum Chemistry, Density-Functional Theory, Coupled Clusters, Quantum Monte Carlo, Quantum/Classical Dynamics, Coherent Control, Ultra-cold Chemistry, AttoScience, Novel Materials, Nanosystems, and Biophysical/Medical Simulations. (Poster)

Fee scheduleStudents/PostdocsOthers
By May 31, 2008:$250$500
After May 31, 2008:$300$550
Banquet (optional):$50$50
No financial support for travel is available.

The registration fee includes breakfasts, lunches, coffee and the welcome reception. The registration and banquet fees are waived for Honorary Chairs. The registration and banquet fees are $300 for invited speakers, Session Chairs and members of the Scientific and Organizing Committees. Additional banquet tickets for guests can be purchased for $50. Additional meal tickets can also be purchased for $50, which includes breakfasts, lunches, coffee, and the welcome reception but not conference printed materials. All amounts are in Canadian dollars.

  • The Congress will begin in the early morning on July 19 and end in the early evening on July 24.
  • Three poster sessions (with daily lunch) will be given in the atrium of the Life Sciences Center (LSC) on July 19-20, July 21-22, and July 23-24. Size of a poster is (46 in × 46 in) or (1.2 m × 1.2 m).
  • Symposium lectures will be given in LSC, the Hugh Dempster Pavilion (DMP), and the Forest Sciences Center (FSC). Congress lectures will be given only in LSC 2.
  • Campus-wide wireless internet access can be acquired at the front desk of your hotel at about $10 for the entire Congress.
  • Daily deluxe breakfast will be provided in the Isabel MacInnes Room at the Lobby of the Gage Towers, at 6-9 am.
  • Coffee will be available in the atriums of LSC and FSC (10:30-10:45) during the entire Congress.
  • The welcome reception will be held in the atrium of LSC in the evening on July 19.
  • The Congress banquet will be at 7-11 pm on July 23 in the Ballroom of the Student Union Building at UBC.
  • Three excursions have been arranged for July 20-22. The details of these excursions will be available at the registration desk on July 18-21.
  • Two banks (CIBC and Bank of Montreal) on campus can do the currency exchange for you, with better rates than those at Vancouver International Airport. Please ask the location of the two banks at the front desk of your hotel.
  • The Congress does not provide official pick-ups from Vancouver International Airport. You should hire a taxi (for about $30) to come to UBC. Alternatively (but with exact change), you can take bus #424 to Airport Station, transfer to bus #98 B-Line, get off at Granville Street at Broadway, and transfer to either the #17 UBC or #99 UBC buses.

CRC Press Award for Excellence in Chemical Physics

Taylor & Francis Group/CRC Press has generously sponsored a book award, the CRC Press Award for Excellence in Chemical Physics, for poster presentations given by postdoctoral fellows and students at ISTCP-VI. Each awardee will receive one copy of the latest 88th edition of the “CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics.” During the Congress Banquet on July 23, three recipients of this book award will be announced.
Honorary Chairs
Alexander Dalgarno (USA)
Ernest R. Davidson (USA)
William A. Goddard III (USA)
Joshua Jortner (Israel)
Walter Kohn (USA)
János Ladik (Germany)
Roland Lefebvre (France)
Ingvar Lindgren (Sweden)
Rudolph A. Marcus (USA)
Josef Paldus (Canada)
Robert G. Parr (USA)
Ahmed H. Zewail (USA)
Founder of ISTCP
János Ladik (Germany)
President of ISTCP
Erkki J. Brändas (Sweden)
Yan Alexander Wang (UBC, Canada)
Erkki J. Brändas (Sweden)
Jean Maruani (France)
Scientific Committee
Rodney J. Bartlett (USA)
Axel D. Becke (Canada)
Russell J. Boyd (Canada)
Paul Brumer (Canada)
Ramon Carbó-Dorca (Spain)
Miguel Castro (Mexico)
Lorenz Cederbaum (Germany)
Anne M. Chaka (USA)
Gerardo Delgado-Barrio (Spain)
Wolfgang Domcke (Germany)
Charlotte Froese Fischer (USA)
Jiali Gao (USA)
Peter M. W. Gill (Australia)
Sharon Hammes-Schiffer (USA)
Martin Head-Gordon (USA)
Kimihiko Hirao (Japan)
Philip E. Hoggan (France)
Sumio Iijima (Japan)
Misha Ivanov (Canada)
Bogumil Jeziorski (Poland)
Raymond Kapral (Canada)
Hans Jürgen Kreuzer (Canada)
Raphael D. Levine (Israel)
Wenjian Liu (China)
Paul A. Madden (UK)
Sean P. McGlynn (USA)
William H. Miller (USA)
Keiji Morokuma (USA)
Debashis Mukherjee (India)
Hiroshi Nakatsuji (Japan)
Marco A. C. Nascimento (Brazil)
Grenfell N. Patey (Canada)
John P. Perdew (USA)
Piotr Piecuch (USA)
Boris N. Plakhutin (Russia)
Peter Politzer (USA)
Enrico O. Purisima (Canada)
Martin Quack (Switzerland)
Kresimir Rupnik (USA)
Dennis R. Salahub (Canada)
Gustavo E. Scuseria (USA)
Moshe Shapiro (Canada)
Péter Surján (Hungary)
Alia Tadjer (Bulgaria)
Ajit J. Thakkar (Canada)
Peter Tieleman (Canada)
Donald G. Truhlar (USA)
Don F. Weaver (Canada)
Tomasz A. Wesolowski (Switzerland)
Weitao Yang (USA)
Xueming Yang (China)
John Z. H. Zhang (USA)
Tom Ziegler (Canada)
Josef Zwanziger (Canada)
Organizing Committee
Dan Bizzotto (UBC, Canada)
Keng Chang Chou (UBC, Canada)
Aurora E. Clark (Washington State, USA)
Michael Eikerling (NRC-IFCI & SFU, Canada)
Matthias Ernzerhof (Montréal, Canada)
Philip E. Hoggan (Clermont-Ferrand, France)
Misha Ivanov (NRC-SIMS, Canada)
Roman Krems (UBC, Canada)
Kourosh Malek (NRC-IFCI, Canada)
Sergei Noskov (Calgary, Canada)
Piotr Piecuch (Michigan State, USA)
Enrico O. Purisima (NRC-BRI, Canada)
Pierre-Nicholas Roy (Alberta, Canada)
Jeremy Schofield (Toronto, Canada)
Viktor N. Staroverov (Western Ontario, Canada)
Mark Thachuk (UBC, Canada)
Peter Tieleman (Calgary, Canada)
Tomasz A. Wesolowski (Geneva, Switzerland)
Tom K. Woo (Ottawa, Canada)
Josef Zwanziger (Dalhousie, Canada)
List of Speakers
See Program page.
Congress Proceedings
The proceedings of the Congress will be published in the International Journal of Quantum Chemistry (IJQC) and Progress in Theoretical Chemistry and Physics (PTCP). Research papers will be published in IJQC, and reviews will be published in PTCP. Contributors should bring their manuscripts to the Congress and give them to Erkki Brändas, Jean Maruani, or Alex Wang. The final date for submitting manuscripts will be August 31, 2008.
Passports and Visas
Participants are strongly advised to determine what requirements apply to them with respect to entering Canada. For information, please consult your nearest Canadian Embassy, High Commission, Consulate, Customs Agent or your travel agent. The Congress Chairman will be happy to write an official invitation for a registered participant. If such a letter is desired, send an email to at the General Inquiry address below.
List of Sponsors
CRC Press/Taylor & Francis Group
New Jersey Center for Biomaterials
UBC Chemistry Department
University of British Columbia
Contact Information
General inquiries:
Website/registration problems:

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