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sietraj download and installation

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Note: The runtime library requires an Intel/AMD Linux system. If you wish to use a different platform, send email to
Installation of sietraj
After downloading, extract the files as follows.
prompt% tar -xvzf sietraj_full.tar.gz Brimm/ Brimm/README Brimm/LICENSE Brimm/ Brimm/other_licenses/ Brimm/other_licenses/SQLite_Copyright.html Brimm/other_licenses/tcltk_license.html Brimm/bin/ Brimm/bin/sqlite3 Brimm/bin/sietraj Brimm/bin/versions/ Brimm/lib/ Brimm/lib/versions/ Brimm/lib/versions/ Brimm/lib/versions/ Brimm/lib/versions/ Brimm/lib/versions/ Brimm/lib/ Brimm/lib/ Brimm/scripts/ Brimm/scripts/amb2syb.tcl Brimm/scripts/amber_util.tcl Brimm/scripts/Britcl_functions.tcl Brimm/scripts/ Brimm/scripts/manifest.txt Brimm/scripts/Britcl_startup.tcl Brimm/apps/ Brimm/apps/sietraj/ Brimm/apps/sietraj/sietraj Brimm/apps/sietraj/sietraj.tcl Brimm/apps/sietraj/averages.awk Brimm/apps/sietraj/dbaverages.awk Brimm/apps/sietraj/examples/ Brimm/apps/sietraj/examples/1VET.prmtop Brimm/apps/sietraj/examples/1VET.trj Brimm/apps/sietraj/examples/bcl2.trj Brimm/apps/sietraj/examples/ Brimm/apps/sietraj/examples/1VET.txt Brimm/apps/sietraj/examples/bcl2.prmtop Brimm/apps/sietraj/examples/bcl2.pdb Brimm/apps/sietraj/examples/ Brimm/apps/sietraj/crd2trj.awk Brimm/apps/sietraj/ Brimm/apps/sietraj/siecrd.tcl
This will extract the files into a subdirectory called Brimm. The subdirectories lib and scripts contain the core libraries used by sietraj and other future modules. Go to the Brimm directory and run This sets the BRIMM_ROOT environment variable in sietraj. If you move the Brimm directory to another location, re-run to redefine BRIMM_ROOT. You are now ready to run the examples described in the sietraj main page.

How to contact us
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